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3 Factors When Trying to Prove Trademark Infringement

3 Factors When Trying to Prove Trademark Infringement

Even in the business world, the US stands by a person being innocent until proven guilty. That means if you believe an individual or company is infringing on your trademarks, the burden of proof is on you. What are the 3 elements of proving trademark infringement? You have to prove that you own the trademark. […]

3 Types of Intellectual Property Every Business Owner Should Know

As the owner of a business, you need to protect your intellectual property from competitors as these ideas and trade secrets are your biggest advantage in the marketplace. Here are 3 types of intellectual property you should be concerned about as a small business owner. #1: Copyrighted Content All of the content that your company […]

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Intellectual Property Is the Lifeblood of Your Business

What is intellectual property? Basically, this term refers to any creative ideas an individual comes up with. From a written document to a new invention or a software application, intellectual property spans the entire range of creative and artistic works. Why is intellectual property so important to your business? This is what gives you a […]

Why You Need to Have an Invention Assignment Agreement with Your Programmers

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property (IP), there are many business contracts and agreements that need to be addressed. One of the most important is an Invention Assignment Agreement, especially if you have someone else coding key applications for your company. Here are 2 important reasons why. 1. Avoid Ownership Issues When a […]